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This project began when the St Marks MK Team heard about a local head teacher who kept a toaster under her desk. She would feed children who came in to school who hadn't eaten since their free school meal the day before. 11,000 Children in Milton Keynes are living in poverty. Many are going to bed hungry which has a knock on effect at school the next day. Children who are regularly hungry finish primary school an average of 2 years behind their peers because it's hard to sleep well at night and concentrate the next day, when you haven't had any dinner. We want to make a change and ensure that no child in Milton Keynes goes to bed hungry. St Marks Meals provide a box containing a recipe card and all the ingredients needed to make a healthy family meal. They store the boxes in schools and children's centres across Milton Keynes so that any teacher can give a dinner to any child, whenever they need it. For more information about St Marks Meals, go to

Any donation to St Marks Meals is appreciated, and if you're able to give a small amount monthly, it will add up to lots of dinners to vulnerable families over the year. £5 provides one meal box for a family and is designed for a family of 4. £5 per month could potentially feed 240 people!

Arts1 School of Performance: St Marks MK Donations
Arts1 School of Performance: St Marks MK Donations
Arts1 School of Performance: St Marks MK Donations

Please enter your details onto the below form to tell us how much, and how frequently you would like to donate. Donation amounts will be invoiced from Arts1 and will be passed on to St Marks meals within 30 days.


Gift Aid

You can support St Marks Meals even further at no additional cost to yourself by adding gift aid to your donation. Gift Aid is reclaimed by St Marks Meals (project of St Marks MK, registered charity number 1180087) from the tax you pay for the relevant tax year. If you pay Income Tax at the higher rate and want to receive the additional tax relief due, you should include your Gift Aid donations on your Self-Assessment return or ask HMRC to adjust your tax code. Please contact us if you wish to cancel or amend this declaration, if you no longer pay sufficient Income and / or Capital Gains Tax or if your address changes. We are required to hold your current home address to identify you as a UK taxpayer; if we do not have this we may be unable to claim the Gift Aid on your donations.