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Brand new for Easter 2024, it's the Arts1 Saturday School! For those budding performers ages 5-16, jump into a programme of all things singing, acting, and dancing between 10AM - 1PM each Saturday.

Through expertly crafted lessons broken down into 3 age groups, our students not only learn foundational techniques in each Musical Theatre discipline but also delve into the artistry of performance. From vocal exercises that strengthen range and control, to acting techniques that bring characters to life, and the dance routines that everybody can join in on, our curriculum is tailored to nurture both skill development and artistic expression.

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What will be covered?

Our singing class focuses on developing vocal technique, including breath control, pitch accuracy, and storytelling through song. Students work on solo and ensemble pieces tailored to their abilities, building confidence and musical expression.

In our acting class, students explore character development, stage presence, and ensemble work through theatre games, improvisation, and devising theatre. They learn to embody characters authentically, communicate effectively, and connect with fellow performers.

Our dance class offers instruction in various styles that incorporate the world of Musical Theatre. Students develop strength, flexibility, and musicality while learning fun and energetic choreography that helps builds their stage presence and expression.

Additionally, at the end of each term, students have the exciting opportunity to showcase their skills in a live in-house performance.

What do our students say?

Our Musical Theatre classes have left a lasting impression on young performers. From 3-year-olds taking their first steps onto the stage to teens developing their craft, our students thrive in the supportive atmosphere, engaging classes, and the chance to shine in our end-of-term performances.

Developing and nurturing confidence, lifelong friendships forged in rehearsals is at the very heart of what we do, aswell as the joy of expressing themselves through singing, acting, and dancing.

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Arts1 School of Performance: Saturday School

When we decided to move from US to UK last year, my 9 year old daughter, Rhea’s number one wish was to join a Musical Theatre class. She was taking voice and dance lessons in the US and said she was ready for a Musical Theatre class and we couldn’t have chosen a better studio than Arts1.

The studio is warm and welcoming and the teachers are super sweet, fun and motivating. The front desk staff are super friendly and helpful! And the email communications from the school is excellent!

My daughter always has a big smile on her face after class! And recently she performed on stage for the first time in UK and she says she had the best time! The rehearsals were thorough, the kids were well chaperoned and they had an amazing time on stage. We could see the sheer joy on the kids faces when they were performing!

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