Here at Arts1 we are thrilled with the successes of our young performers, over the past ten years (almost...) our pupils have gone from strength to strength. Students that have been training with us for nearly 10 years from the age of 7 or 8 have now got thousands of hours practice under their belt which is part of the reason for their success.

We have found that for some new students, entering the senior school (11+) can be tricky as they haven’t always had the access to expertise and training from a young age and can sometimes find it difficult to integrate into classes with more experienced students of a similar age. We are dedicated to providing access to students at all ages but not to the detriment of our advanced students.

The new springboard programme is a fabulous trio of classes that is designed for learning the technical foundations in Singing, Dance and Acting, it is a training ground for students to build their skills to a point where they can integrate in the main school programme at an appropriate level. The classes also will act as a skills booster for students needing additional training input.

We are really pleased with this new addition to the timetable and are looking forward to our first wave of springboarders catapulting into the school with success.